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Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 26, 2011

My Amazing Family!

I can´t tell you how amazing of a gift it was to be able to talk to you guys for 4 hours on the computer. I´m not sure if I was really allowed to, but I was just following my companion. Haha, just like Ryley and Dad said.. ¨Just go with it¨ Of course, I know the situations where I can´t. =) It was sooo nice to see all of your smiling faces and hear all of your loving familiar voices. I honestly couldn´t have asked for a better Christmas being so far away from home. I couldn´t believe that Ryley and Mandi are having another baby! I´m sorry if I didn´t stay on that subject long enough, it´s just so strange being away and having things change. Tell them that I¨M SOOO HAPPY FOR THEM. I will pray about them and the new baby that everything will go perfect. Last night after I hung up the phone I was a little down. We walked back to our house and I couldn´t stop thinking about you guys. I fell asleep and had dreams about being home. I woke up and remembered that you said that in my calendar I needed to read the 24th day. I sprinted into the living room early in the morning (Probably about 2 a.m. your time =) and opened up the letter. Mom, I honestly can´t tell you how many tears ran down my cheeks when I read it. It hit me hard, but after a couple minutes I sat back and really thought about the letter. I felt a warm peace come over me and I felt comfort. I went back into the room and fell asleep until 6;30 this morning. Thank you so much. I honestly couldn´t have a better family and I would do anything for you guys. Including serving this mission. I do have my down times, but I´m always lifted up. I hope I can change into the missionary I want to be. A missionary like Dad and Ryley. I hope I can touch the lives of everyone around me here and can be a useful instrument in the hands of our heavenly father. I will do my best. I honestly can´t tell you how excited I am to be able to talk to you on Mothers Day. I´m just going to focus on the work so time will go faster so I can get their sooner. Haha, anyways. I don´t have any more stories that I can share other than the ones I shared last night. So I´m just going to type until we are finished. Well, I hope that everything is going good at home. The house looked AMAZING when you took me for a walk last night. keep up the good work, Mom. =) Are you guys having any plans for other projects this summer? Do Ry and Mand plan on coming home this summer to stay with you guys for a few weeks until Mand has the baby? I don´t like the random changes thing, so if you could let me know about that kind of stuff it would be great. Hahaha. How about Jess, does she plan on doing track this year? It´s her last year to do it! What about Kass? What´s Cam plan on doing this upcoming year. Aydan goes to school doesn´t he? All and all, I love hearing about home. It reminds me that it´s there and it still will be when I get back.. Haha.  I wrote Skylar a letter today and am sending it over to the secretaries with my friend Elder Figueroa. His companion is getting changed this week, so hopefully my letter gets to him. I send a pretty neat picture with it that I will attach in the next e-mail. I have so many pictures I need to send 2 e-mails to you guys today! Haha, I hope you guys like them. I thought they were pretty neat. Try to pick out our Christmas traditions in some of the photos. Like the cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk. Or me opening my presents in my pajamas early in the morning. Haha, I´ll probably carry those traditions for the rest of my life. You guys have been such an amazing family and I´m so proud to say that I´m a Poulsen. You are the most wonderful people in my life and I pray for you constantly. Thanks so much for everything, including the no bake cookies recipe. I´ll make some this week and have pictures next week. You guys have an amazing week and I´ll try to come up with some fun stories and pictures for my next e-mail. Have and amazing week my wonderful family! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just think, on the 1st you can say ¨Danny comes home next year.¨=) Again, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I MISS YOU!!!


Elder Poulsen

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