Mexico, Mexico City East Mission
Sept 14, 2011-Sept 14, 2013

Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 19, 2011

Hello Family!

Well, this week has flown by so quick. On Tuesday we went to the Temple with 3 of the zones in our mission and we had a blast. First, we went through an endowment session in the morning and then after we ate in the temple and went to the church for our skits. They were all way good and I got those 3 packages! I have a couple pictures I took with the packages posted for you. Don´t worry, I hid them in my closet and I promised I wouldn´t open them until Christmas. All of my companions say I´m spoiled. Hahaha. This week every missionary in our district had a Christmas party for their ward and since my companion is the district leader we went to every single one to talk to the investigators that showed up. We ate sooo much food. I think my ward party was the most different. All of the other wards had normal food like spaghetti, rolls, mashed potatoes, fruit salad. My ward had carnitas. This is when they cut up an entire pig, throw all of the parts into a massive steam pot like thing, and then add all of the spices and what not. It cooks for 3 hours and then they pull out the parts, cut them up and you stuff in between a tortilla and eat it. My bishop chose what parts he wanted me to eat. Of course he was creative and I don´t really want to tell you what parts I ate. But you should be able to tell from the picture I attached.=) We also took a picture with Santa Claus at the ward party and I attached a photo of that too. Haha.. Well, this week I´ve been on divisions with just about every missionary in my district. Elder Figueroa, Elder Arellanes, Elder Kleinhenz, Elder Carrion, and for the past two days I have been with Elder LeJeune. They are all such awesome guys and I can´t believe we have our next changes meeting on the 27th! That means that I could get switched companions or moved to a new area. I won´t be the new missionary anymore! Haha, but this week has been fun. One day I walked like 12 miles with Elder Figueroa. It took like 5 hours. We have a couple pictures of the beautiful scenery of Mexico for you guys. =) Then Elder Kleinhenz and I did some work in my area and we made pancakes the size of our plates. We didn´t have a spatula, so now I now how to flip a pancake in a frying pan. I´m pretty happy about that. I have a new favorite drink. It´s called JUMEX Coco PiƱa, and it´s delicious. I have a pretty sick picture of a massive dust devil that Elder Kleinhenz and I came across. Along with other goofy photos. I get sketched out with some of the traditions here. For example, the ladies greet people with kisses on the cheeks. I can´t tell you how many times I´ve had to shun it. Haha, the worst part is only some do. So when you shake one of their hands you never know when they are going to pull you in. I played in my new soccer shoes today also, and I was very happy. Consider that a Christmas gift from you guys as well. THANK YOU! I love the pictures of you guys in Salt Lake. Was that at the zoo? I am pretty sure that we are going to skype you guys from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mexico Time. Haha, I have your guys information so I´ll just add you. Just make sure you are on so you can recieve my friend request! If not I´ll just end up calling you guys. :) Well, it´s time I need to write my president, so I´ll talk to you guys on Sunday!! I´m so excited! I love you guys sooo much! Have a great week filled with Christmas and know that I´m thinking about you. Tell everyone that I say Feliz Navidad!! LOOVVVEEE YOOOUUU!!!!

Elder Poulsen

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