Mexico, Mexico City East Mission
Sept 14, 2011-Sept 14, 2013

Saturday, December 31, 2011

October 14, 2011

Hey Family!

I only have 17:43 minutes to write you so I'm going to answer all of you as quick as I can. Everything is going well here at the MTC. Elder Ottaway and I have been quite the busy Elders. We've been teaching a lesson in Spanish everyday, we are always studying, always moving or going to a scheduled activity. Yea, busy. Anyways, I'm coming along great with my Spanish. The guys in my disctrict think I'm one of the best ones. I laugh at them. They have been trying to talk me into testing out to enter the advanced Spanish class. We just got back from the Provo temple today and it was amazing. I felt the spirit so strongly and each of you were in my mind as I went through. I did an endowment session for a family name for one of the Elders in my branch. Strangely, these computers don't allow us to upload pictures onto the computers for security reasons. So I'm going to print some off of my camera at the bookstore and mail them to you in a letter. If you could I'd love for you to scan them and put them on my Facebook so my friends can see. Everything is going great though. I truly have been blessed to have a family like you guys. I have been getting the DearElder letters everyday you send them, and they bring me such happiness everyday. Our district leader's mom writes all of us? We call her district mama. She's from Samoa, it's Elder Johnsons mom. She sends us packages packed with cookies like every day. It's intense. But I'm still pretty sure I have the best mom in the world. I met Garret Spalka this week, which was pretty fun. He was super excited that he finally got to meet me and I was excited to meet him. You'll have to tell Jim and Bonnie that I ran into Cody Hosier from Alamo. He's going to the Tokyo, Japan mission. He's a pretty legit guy to talk to and his companion is from Mexico city. I tried to have a conversation with him in Spanish, but he talks with super speed. I also ran into Chelsea Baker yesterday who is from St.George, she is the one who was wakeboarding with me and the guys when we were in St.George. She's going to the Winter Quarters Nebraska mission. This week we listened to the general relief society president in the MTC devotional. It wasn't an apostle, but I was still pretty impressed with her talk. The food is good, my district and I love each other, I am doing just fine. I'm glad to hear everything is going well with you guys. Tell grandma I could understand her Spanish. ;) Tell Kass that I expect to hear that she got a deer this friday. Tell everyone I love them sooo much. You guys are in my prayers constantly. I wish I could tell you guys everything, but I don't have much time. Just remember that you are in my prayers every time I pray and that I am working my hardest for you. My district says, "Hola familia de Elder Poulsen! Elder Poulsen es muy suerte tener una familia como ustedes! I'll keep you guys posted on how everything is going. Just know that I'm doing great. I love you all! Keep having fun and living the Gospel. Hasta luego. Ustedes son muy perfecto en mi oyo's. Todo mi amor.

Elder Poulsen

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