Mexico, Mexico City East Mission
Sept 14, 2011-Sept 14, 2013

Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 5, 2011

Well, Family..

I can´t tell you how happy I was to read all of your e-mails and to hear how you are all doing good in this wonderful christmas season. I was so happy to get that picture that you sent me and I´m going to be printing it out and hanging it above my desk. =) I´m sad that I missed the games of apples to apples and the other fun things that you guys did, but I´ll be back in less than 2 years. Tell Dad to tell everyone at the mine that I say ¨hey¨. Mom, I have good news. =) Jess, don´t stress about your senior year. Just do your best and have fun. Tell Kass to keep up the good work and I miss her. Tell Cam that I´m praying for her to do good in her 1st chair position. Tell Ayd that everytime I see little kids here I think of him. Grandpa Poulsen, I think about you a lot and hope you´re taking it easy. =) Grandma and Grandpa Beckwith, I miss you guys and wish you could see this place. Ry, Mand, and Log I pray for you guys all the time as well. Tell Log that I´m praying that the ¨back-son¨won´t steal his wrinkles. =) Also, give everyone else my love. Haha, well. First the good news. Mom, here we are allowed an hour long phone call home on Christmas or an hour long call on SKYPE! This means you guys could see me again! I´m not exactly sure how it all works, but I´ll find out this week and get you my details so I can spend an hour with you guys on Christmas. =) Well, this week we didn´t end up going to Teotihuacan. (the pyramids) Because we are rehearsing for a skit we´ll be putting on at the temple on the 13th. So, today we played some soccer, practiced our skit, went to the store, and now I´m writing you. This week was interesting. I ate a grasshopper. The guys in my district made me do it. I have a picture of it. Tell Dad that he needs to try the chorizo´s down here. Oh, man. Delicious. My companion and 2 other guys made breakfast and it was amazing. Breakfast burritos with jalapenos, scrambled eggs, chorizo, and cheese. All from scratch. I can tell you guys that our gas loves to randomly turn off. So I´ve showered with a bucket 6 times this week. I don´t have a huge problem with it. I actually kind of like it. =) We have 5 new investigators! 2 of them are a husband and wife. Their names are Sergio and Noelia. They are such sweet people and want to be baptized on the 25 of this month! Christmas! We also found a cute little family when we were knocking doors. There´s the mother, Martha. Along with her two daughters, Paula and Deanna. I have a picture with them in front of their Christmas tree that I helped them decorate. Then they made me snow flakes out of paper. Haha, my interview went well this past week. The mission president from San Diego was the one who audited me. He was the mission president for the San Diego missionaries in the ¨District 2¨. He said he was extremely impressed with my Spanish. He told me that if the other missionaries did as well as me the program would be a success. I´m thinking about buying some soccer shoes. We play soccer a lot, and when I play in my PF´s I get massive blisters. I don´t want to spend money out of my account back home. I want to save as much of that as I can for after my mission. I still have 100 dollars in my wallet from money you guys sent me at the MTC. So I´ll be fine. The missionaries here love it when I talk like a white boy. They always say ¨say verde¨and I´ll say ¨vuuuurrrddddaaaayyy¨Haha, I´m getting along with all of them. They´re like my brothers. I have been wanting to put together a package with things from Mexico and send it to you guys, but I´m not sure how to do that. It wouldn´t have crazy stuff in it. Maybe some souvenirs from Teotihuacan and some Mexican candy. But I do want to send you guys something? Does anyone want anything specific from Mexico? It´s all so cheap down here. 250 pesos is about 20 bucks. With 250 pesos you can buy a lot. Well, I better attach the photos and write my mission president about how everything is going. I love you guys SO MUCH and can´t wait to be able to talk to you all on Christmas. You´re all in my prayers everyday. Tell everyone I love them and I´m doing fine. Hasta el proximo Lunes, mi querido amorosa familia. Le amo.

Elder Danny Poulsen

P.S. I´m sending the photos in another e-mail. =)

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