Mexico, Mexico City East Mission
Sept 14, 2011-Sept 14, 2013

Saturday, December 31, 2011

October 21, 2011

Mi Quierido Madre y Padre,

Estoy muy feliz leer su carta.. It has been a really good week but has been very fast. Everything is so rushed. We are the only pilot program in our entire building. The leaders have been talking and are so impressed with how quickly we are learning Spanish. I know that if it wasn't for the help of the Holy Ghost we wouldn't be anywhere. We recieved the newest addition to our zone this week which mostly consists of Elders going to either the Dominican Republic or Argentina. They're all really nice guys. We've been pretty excited that we're not the "new" guys anymore. Elder Ottaway and I passed the sacrament on Sunday and did a pretty good job. I accidently dropped the tray when I was giving someone the bread, but it didn't hit the ground and still had enough on it to give to everybody. ;) We were able to have a devotional on Tuesday and Richard G. Scott from the Quorum of the Twelve spake to us. We were all pretty amazed when an Apostle stood up in front of us and started speaking. Our lessns are going a lot better. Since we have started expanding our vocabulary a little bit more. Our teachers have no mercy on us though. They come across as investigators that aren't interested at all, so it's very difficult to teach them. Especially in Spanish. I've been working out a lot in gym and running. I've definitely put on some muscle. 10 LBS! I'm now 167. Pretty wild. I'll probably lose it all when I get to Mexico though. I also play a lot of volleyball in gym and a couple of the guys say I'm really good. I tell them that I learned it from my little sister Kassi. :) We have service every week so we are lucky to clean the showers. Ha, it's pretty nasty, but good too. We've started a group called "HSI" and attached little stickers to our nametags that say "HSI" on them. HSI stands for Habla Su Idioma. Which translates to "Speak Your Language" in Spanish. This means that all we speak is Spanish unless directed otherwise by a person of authority. So this is pretty much the only time I've been able to speak in English all week. If someone in our disctrict catches us speaking English, they give us little green papers that give us the option of 1. Taking a cold shower 2. Buying treats for everyone 3. Pushups. They get to choose and usually it's the cold shower, because that's the worst. I haven't had to yet, but I'm very careful. We are 1 of like 5 districts in the whole MTC doing it. That's like 50 people out of 2500? Haha, pretty intense. But it's helping a lot. Like I said we are only talked to in Spanish by our teachers, so that means they are teaching us Spanish with Spanish. It's pretty intense. Oh well, this morning we went to them temple and it was amazing. For some reason I just keep loving the Provo Temple more and more. When I walk on the temple grounds with my district I feel like royalty walking in a castle courtyard with knights. It's awesome. I was going to ask you about a few things. The guys in our room, Elder Davis and Elder Stone, are going to Honduras and said their moms bought them bug nets to have around their beds at night. I guess there is a lot of bugs in Mexico and I was going to see if you could order me one. Also, did you ever order me one of those zip belts? I was going to ask you for a new head for my Phillips Sonicare toothbrush if you could. Maybe another sweater? :) I have gotten 3 packages in a row this week. Thanks so much! My district loves your baking. ;) My camera made it here yesterday, so don't worry about that at all. Did you guys get the letter with the pictures I sent you? I hope so, there was one missing. It's the last one. I think my companion stole it to send to his Aunt and Uncle. Haha, oh well. I love that kid. He's amazing. Anyways, I'm running out of time. Tell everyone that I love them and I think about them everyday. I'm praying for you guys! Be happy! I'm so thankful that I have the amazing family and friends that I do. Tell Ryan and Dani congrats for me on the marriage! I'm going to take a photo with my district for them and send them a letter. Tell Kass good luck with the hunt! Aim small miss small. Tell Jess, Kass, Cam, and Ayd Happy Halloween and that I love them. Tell Ry, Man, and Log I love them. Tell Grandpa Poulsen, Grandma Beckwith and Grandpa Beckwith and all the fam I love them. Hasta Luego, Mi Familia!

Elder Poulsen

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