Mexico, Mexico City East Mission
Sept 14, 2011-Sept 14, 2013

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 2, 2012

Dear Family,

It was so nice to get all of the pictures that you sent me this time. It was fun and was like was at New Years Eve with you guys. I was a little jealous to hear that you guys were eating enchiladas and crab legs, but I was happy too. Haha, it was nice to see the faces of everyone in the family and the random boy who was with Kassi. Who is this kid? Hahaha, I hope you guys enjoy the photos I´m sending this time. I tried to take a couple cool pictures for you guys this week. All in all this week was pretty much like all of the other weeks. We found a couple people who I will be excited to go back and teach. I have been on divisions for most of this week with Elder Kleinhenz. My companion, Elder Cuevas, had an accident at our house when I was on divisions. He was with Elder Carrion and woke up in the morning to start the hot water heater. He opened the gas valve and forgot something in the house. When he went back outside the gas had enough time to fill up inside the boiler and when he lit a match it blew up in his face. He got burned on his face and it singed off his eyebrows and eyelashes but he is alright, he just has to stay indoors for a week away from the sun and apply some sort of cream on his face. I felt bad that I was not there to help, but he is fine. Now I will most likely be on divisions for this entire week. It was awesome to see a picture of Jon, Ben, and Adan and it felt so good to hear that they were asking about me and sent me letters. Man, I miss those guys. You will have to tell them all that they are huge examples to me and I miss them a lot. Those guys are my heroes. Thanks for Melaynas address. I wrote her a letter today and tonight I have to ride on a bus to Mexico to stay the night at the secretaries house. I have to sign for my year long visa tomorrow. I am going to give them my letter and they will send it though pouch which will get to Salt Lake and then to her from there. I hear it is a lot safer because it is sent with all of the church forms from the mission president, so she should get it. I did tell her in my letter to send her letters to you guys so you can send them down in packages. I think that is probably the safest way I could get them. Pretty bizarre that it is now 2012 and that I can say I will be home next year. Time sure flies. Elder Kleinhenz and I spent New Years together and we had a good time. We bought a super pizza, some orange soda, some cookies and cream ice cream, and some stuff for breakfast and we spent the night talking about this year and making new years resolutions. We heard we had to be in the house early since there are a lot of parties on New Years. So we were in the house by 7:00, but it was a fun night. He keeps telling me that we are going to hang out at BYU and he is going to teach me how to lift weights. Haha. I also will be going on splits with the zone leaders this week because Elder Cuevas needs to go to Mexico to marry Sergio and Noelia. I do not know how this is going to work out, but we will see. Hopefully I can still go to Teotihuacan on monday for my birthday, I need to go to get you guys gifts and take sweet pictures. Haha, i think it is ironic that you guys ate enchiladas on New Years, because down here I was eating raviolis and chicken parmesian. The lady that we ate with knew that she was going to feed two americans and decided to make a meal from the united states. It was delicious, but not as good as moms. If you could send me other recipes to good you make it would be sweet. Something a lot of people like is for me to cook food from the US. It is something fun to do on Pdays. This morning I made some massive omletes with hash browns and it was so good. Elder Kleinhenz is so happy that he was able to eat something from the states. Altogether, this week has been very fast and we just do what we do. Contact people everyday, knock doors, search for references, teach lessons whenever we get the chance and hope and pray that we can baptize. So that is about it with me. In 2 hours I will be getting bussed to Mexico City to spend the next 24 hours there. I have not slept in my bed for at least 6 days. Sometimes, being the companion of the district leader, I feel like my Uncle Brent. Haha, constantly packing and moving to a new area every day. Shoot, well my loving family. I love you all SO VERY MUCH. I hope and pray that each of you are all so careful everyday and that you have good health. Keep being the amazing examples you are to me with your testimonies. Tell my friends I love them. Tell Melayna that she has a letter headed her way if you can. Have an AMAZING first week of the New Year! WHOOOO 2012!!! LOVE YOU ALL.


Elder Poulsen

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